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Burgundy open-beaded strap and lace-ornamented babydoll

Veera S.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Wrong color, but otherwise appropriate (Automatic translation)

The size and product met expectations otherwise, but instead of the promised burgundy, the outfit was bright red. For me, red might be a better fit, so it didn’t really bother me, it just confused me.

Koucla nodder-like belt leather pants

T. K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Quite OK (Automatic translation)

The quality is as expected relatively cheap, but the price-performance ratio is ok. The product otherwise matched the description, but the lacing on the front was a "loose" flap that I hadn't outlined in the picture.

Koucla metallic long-sleeved shirt with strings

T. K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

All right (Automatic translation)

The shirt is like the picture.

Black rhine-wearing long party dress (plus size)

Meri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

I recommend (Automatic translation)

The dress sat nicely, neither tightening nor squeezing, looks good and is long enough!

Black rose-tinted mesh tights

Julia H.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Beautiful tights! (Automatic translation)

The tights are really beautiful, sexy and comfortable to wear. I usually use size XS. I recommend!

Red and black leopard print waist trainer waist corset

Hannamari V.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Comfortable training corset (Automatic translation)

Supports the middle body well when training and gives posture. The middle body seemed to be easier to activate with the corset on. As a formative underwear, usability is limited: there are no bones on the front, so when viewed from the side, the stomach still bulges, even if the waist is narrowed. Likewise, the Velcro is easily visible under clothing.

Koucla black latex look mini dress

Marika K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Lovely sexy dress! (Automatic translation)

The site recommended size M, however I took L and it was just a button for me. Gorgeous, bold high quality and sexy "little Christmas dress".

Red and black lace-ornamented satinibabydoll (plus size)

Suvi-Inkeri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Top! (Automatic translation)

2xl size fits, I wear a size 46 cup 80-D and this dress is just perfect. Nice design and comfortable top. The satin portion also has little flexibility.

Red strap and lace-ornamented babydoll with openings (plus size) [TAMMIALE]

Suvi-Inkeri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Pretty nice (Automatic translation)

Nice details. Sexy transparent nightwear. The front may be a little loose when cutting kind. 2 xl is suitable otherwise when using 46 size and D-80.

Burgundy lace v-bodysuit

Miia K.2021 / 11 / 18

Confirmed buyer

Did not match its size (Automatic translation)

For the 162/68 shapely wide hips, this was really small in size M. So it didn't fit. The lace fabric did not stretch at all. Too bad this would have been perfect!

Red wrap-look v faux leather dress

Eeva J.2021 / 11 / 17

Confirmed buyer

Fab (Automatic translation)

Absolutely lovely dress and size went right

Koucla black mesh and nodder-breasted faux leather dress

Eeva J.2021 / 11 / 17

Confirmed buyer

Wonderful (Automatic translation)

Everything went right


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