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Röd rem och spetsprydnad babydoll med öppningar (plus storlek) [SISTA CHANSEN]

Suvi-Inkeri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Pretty nice (Automatic translation)

Nice details. Sexy transparent nightwear. The front may be a little loose when cutting kind. 2 xl is suitable otherwise when using 46 size and D-80.

Svarta rosenfärgade nättights

Julia H.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Beautiful tights! (Automatic translation)

The tights are really beautiful, sexy and comfortable to wear. I usually use size XS. I recommend!

Koucla nodderliknande läderbyxor i bälte

T. K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Quite OK (Automatic translation)

The quality is as expected relatively cheap, but the price-performance ratio is ok. The product otherwise matched the description, but the lacing on the front was a "loose" flap that I hadn't outlined in the picture.

Svart rhine-bärande lång festklänning (plus storlek) [SISTA CHANSEN]

Meri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

I recommend (Automatic translation)

The dress sat nicely, neither tightening nor squeezing, looks good and is long enough!

Koucla metallisk långärmad skjorta med snören

T. K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

All right (Automatic translation)

The shirt is like the picture.

Röd och svart leopardtryck midja tränare midja korsett

Hannamari V.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Comfortable training corset (Automatic translation)

Supports the middle body well when training and gives posture. The middle body seemed to be easier to activate with the corset on. As a formative underwear, usability is limited: there are no bones on the front, so when viewed from the side, the stomach still bulges, even if the waist is narrowed. Likewise, the Velcro is easily visible under clothing.

Koucla svart latex ser mini klänning

Marika K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Lovely sexy dress! (Automatic translation)

The site recommended size M, however I took L and it was just a button for me. Gorgeous, bold high quality and sexy "little Christmas dress".

Röd och svart spetsprydnad satinibabydoll (plus storlek)

Suvi-Inkeri K.2021 / 11 / 18

Bekräftad köpare

Top! (Automatic translation)

2xl size fits, I wear a size 46 cup 80-D and this dress is just perfect. Nice design and comfortable top. The satin portion also has little flexibility.

Satu Sisko K.2021 / 11 / 17

Bekräftad köpare

(Automatic translation)

Product too small for me. I use size M

Svart v sammet kopp klänning med slits [SISTA CHANSEN]

Niina T.2021 / 11 / 17

Bekräftad köpare

Beautiful but not quite in line with the picture (Automatic translation)

Beautiful dress of high quality with comfortable fabric. The top isn’t quite as pictured and the edge of the v-neck isn’t festive but pretty mundane and I think it needs some tweaking if I end up wearing a dress.

Röd wrap-look v faux läderklänning

Eeva J.2021 / 11 / 17

Bekräftad köpare

Fab (Automatic translation)

Absolutely lovely dress and size went right

Svarta push-up träningsshorts med hög midja

Veera K.2021 / 11 / 17

Bekräftad köpare

Training shorts (Automatic translation)

I highly recommend these to everyone! Comfortable on me, does not show through and works both in the gym and in everyday life;)


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